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Staff's Reflections

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HK Lim Photography
HK Lim Photography
“Two things make APS different from other asset managers. One is its profound investment philosophy and rigorous research process. The other is its humble and united team.”
Elizabeth Wu, Investments

“APS is a company that is built on strong values. How far APS has come in its journey speaks a lot about the visionary foresight of Mr Wong and the outcome of his tenacious workforce who shares his values, passion and determination. It gives me a lot of pride to be a part of APS and to be given the opportunity to contribute to its future.”
Chloe Lee, Human Resources

“Working at APS is personally rewarding for me for several reasons. First, the firm’s investment philosophy of being contrarian and adopting a bottom-up investigative approach is one that resonates with me. APS is different from other asset managers, particularly in Asia, where fundamental investing is more often preached than practised and a region where investors often take a short-term view to company fundamentals. Second, APS’ focus on alpha as a stock picking firm differentiates it from the benchmark huggers and makes the work rewarding. Finally, and importantly, the firm and key people at APS have gone through many market cycles, which is rare in Asia and having the opportunity to draw on their collective experiences is one that is rewarding.”
Sid Choraria, Investments 

“Steve Jobs once said, ‘Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ This quote resonates with me. Positivity, kindness and passion come to my mind when I think about APS. People are respectful towards one another, we have a fair and collaborative workplace, challenges keeps us going and we strive to do even better each day. We are a cohesive team!”
Rachel Goh, Client Services

“I enjoy the occasional game of poker, which is a game of skill and luck. I can’t control luck, but I try to apply APS’ investment philosophies to my play style – be rigorous and disciplined, yet dare to be contrarian and take calculated risks, going big on conviction plays. I know that there are many play styles, but I find that this produces an optimal information ratio over time for non-tournament cash-game play.”
Yap Wy-En, Investments

“I have gained experience in my diversified role here at APS and am grateful for the mentorship received from my boss and fellow colleagues.”
Haze Toh, Human Resources

“It is great that the staff share their insights and experience from time to time, and I do learn a lot from them, which helps me to move forward. Meanwhile, my current role offers me opportunities to get in touch with people from different positions and backgrounds, which helps me to improve my communication skills and sense of empathy.”
Stephanie Peng, Office Manager, Shanghai