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Straight Talk Asia

Synopses of the Straight Talk Asia thought pieces by APS’ Executive Chairman and Former Cabinet Minister in the Singapore Government, Raymond Lim are presented here and the full documents are available upon request. Please send an email to cs@aps.com.sg, specifying the date of the articles you wish to receive.


22 OCTOBER 2018

Thailand – Back to the Future

We invited Raymond Lim, our Executive Chairman and a former Cabinet minister in Singapore, to share with us his views on Thailand ahead of its elections slated for February 2019.

9 APRIL 2018

Indonesia - The Just King

We invited former Singapore Cabinet Minister and APS Executive Chairman Raymond Lim to share his thoughts after a recent trip to Indonesia. In Straight Talk Asia: “Indonesia - The Just King” he argues that leaders make a critical difference to a country’s future and with Jokowi as President, it is as good as it gets. Hence he remains hopeful for Indonesia.

11 MAY 2017

Indonesia: Ties that Bind

We invited Raymond Lim, our Chairman and a former Cabinet minister in Singapore to share with us his views on Indonesia in the wake of the recent religiously divisive Jakarta gubernatorial election.

13 APRIL 2016

China – It’s the Politics, Comrade