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The APS Vietnam Alpha Fund is one of the four funds under the APS Fund, an umbrella Unit Trust constituted by a Trust Deed governed by the laws of Ireland authorised by the Authority.  The other funds under the Trust are the APS Asia Pacific Long Short Fund, APS Japan Alpha Fund and APS Far East Alpha Fund.
Investment Objective
To seek medium to long term capital growth through investing in shares of companies listed in Vietnam as well as in financial derivative instruments such as rights, warrants, covered warrants and convertible bonds which give exposure to such shares. 
Fund Structure / Domicile
UCITS Unit Trust / Dublin, Ireland
Inception Date
31 st August 2011
Management Fee:
Class A: 1.25%
Class B, C & D: 1.8%

Performance Fee
Class A: 20%
Class B, C & D: 0%
Preliminary Charge
Up to 5%
Repurchase Charge
Up to 3%
Fund Base Currency
8% Hurdle Rate (in USD)
Minimum Initial Investment
Class A: US$100,000
Class B: US$1,000
Class C: €1,000
Class D: SG$1,000
Subscriptions Deadline
5pm (Irish Time) on business day prior to the Dealing Day.
Redemption Deadline
5pm (Irish Time) on business day prior to the Dealing Day.
Northern Trust International Fund Administration (Ireland) Ltd. 

Deloitte & Touche
Investment Manager
APS Asset Management Pte Ltd
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